Open 1/15/2021 for our 49th season!

A Message to our guests....

706 Succotash Rd

Wakefield, R.I. 02879


After 49 years in business, we often think we have seen it all...2020
At Cap’n Jack’s Restaurant we are committed to providing our guests a delicious dining experience
through food, service and the our best hospitality. Even though circumstances have changed, our
devotion to you has not. To help provide you with a worry free dining experience, here are some of the
steps we are taking to keep you, our valued customers and our staff stay as safe as possible. Please help
us make it to 50 years in business.

We will exceed all state, local and regulatory guidelines regarding sanitation and hygiene.

We will monitor our employees for fever, symptoms and interactions with sick individuals

We will have a continual training program on sanitation and hygiene standards for our employees.

We will wash our hands for at least 20 seconds at the start of each shift and before bringing food, drinks
or settings to the table. (Spoiler Alert: we already did that)

To refrain from dining with us if you have a fever or communicable illness

To refrain from visiting the restaurant if you are under quarantine

To respect the restaurant’s sanitation, hygiene and social distancing standards

To wash your hands for at least 20 seconds prior to being seated. (Spoiler Alert: I bet you were already
doing that)

To wear a face covering when not seated at a table.

Share special sanitation or hygiene requests with us when arriving